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May These Missing ‘Sword and Shield’ Pokemon Rest in Peace
7 HRS AGO - Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally here, and as more folks get their hands on the first core Expand
Potential PlayStation 5 Controller Patent Sure Is a Controller
1 DAY AGO - We’re currently in this weird limbo when it comes to the next-generation of video game hardware. Expand
‘Half-Life: Alyx,’ Valve’s Flagship VR Game, Confirmed
1 DAY AGO - Strap yourselves in for this emotional roller coaster. Valve has just announced a new Half-Life Expand
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Announced, First Trailer Shown
2 DAYS AGO - Here is the first trailer for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The “ultimate” Expand
Geek Pick: ‘Death Stranding’ Delivers the Goods
2 DAYS AGO - Death Stranding isn’t an easy game to categorize, let alone describe. Its jumble of narrative Expand
Football Manager 2020 Review
2 DAYS AGO - Still addictively enormous, but more open to newcomers than ever, FM 2020 is a brilliant update to Expand
Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 Controller Review
5 DAYS AGO - Microsoft’s new Elite Xbox controller delivers improvements on the standard, but it has some Expand
Final Fantasy Is Headed to XBOX Game Pass
5 DAYS AGO - During today’s XO19 showcase, Microsoft and Square have revealed that Final Fantasy is Expand
EVERWILD – X019 – Announce Trailer
6 DAYS AGO - During today’s XO19 showcase, Rare has revealed an all new IP entitled Everwild. The game, Expand
How ‘The Mandalorian’ Uses ‘Fortnite’s’ Game Engine for Filmmaking
12 HRS AGO - There were a lot of cameos to catch during Disney+’s Mandalorian premiere last week. Prisoners Expand
Geek Pick: Sennheiser’s GSP 370 Is an Exceptional Wireless Gaming Headset
1 DAY AGO - I’ve reviewed many headsets in recent years but have never had the pleasure of reviewing one Expand
How ‘Shenmue’ Paved the Way for Modern Gaming
1 DAY AGO - With Shenmue III finally out today, we’re revisiting this look back on how this quirky Expand
Is This The DualShock 5 Controller?
2 DAYS AGO - An all new patent from Sony has been uncovered and it features, what looks to be the Dualshock 5 Expand
Review: Google Stadia Just Isn’t Finished Yet
2 DAYS AGO - The Pro version of Google Stadia that you can now pay actually $130 for is called the Founder’s Expand
The Darkly Comic Economics of ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’
2 DAYS AGO - The next real Animal Crossing game is just a few months away, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Expand
Terminator: Resistance Review
5 DAYS AGO - Terminator: Resistance’s authentic looks fail to disguise its uninspired design and forgettable Expand
Luigi’s Mansion 3 has Best U.S. Debut Month For The Franchise
5 DAYS AGO - It has been revealed that Luigi’s Mansion 3 has sold an impressive amount of copies and has Expand
Hands-On: ‘Arise: A Simple Story’ Takes Players on an Emotional Journey
6 DAYS AGO - During a recent preview event, I got to go hands-on with Techland’s upcoming Arise: A Simple Expand
Full List of All Nominations for The Game Awards 2019
1 DAY AGO - A Full List of All Nominations for The Game Awards 2019 has been revealed, so be sure to read it Expand
Geoff Keighley’s ‘Death Stranding’ Leads Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards Nominations
1 DAY AGO - If you want to see a really cool video game awards show with new announcements and big guests like Expand
We (Almost) Got the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Pokemon’ Video Games We Always Wanted
1 DAY AGO - Last week two of the biggest games of the year, arguably the last two big games of 2019, finally Expand
Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit Makes the Xbox Adaptive Controller More Accessible
2 DAYS AGO - Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) facilitates gaming for players with accessibility Expand
‘Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’ Finishes the Game Again
2 DAYS AGO - Street Fighter IV famously revived the franchise, and 2D fighting games in general, on the Xbox Expand
Image of The Day… Pokemon Sword and Shield Release
5 DAYS AGO - To celebrate the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, art director James Turner shared the above Expand
‘Everwild,’ ‘Grounded,’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ Are Exclusive Xbox Signs of Life
6 DAYS AGO - Microsoft is really ready to reset this console generation. After the sluggish era of the Xbox Expand

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