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Fallout Quest: The Raid New World

Fallout Quest: The Raid New World

| by Video Games PRSS, Alex Pearl | Posted in PC, Gaming Blog

This is the continuing tale of my Fallout 4 playthrough, and the adventures of the dashing punch-guy Alicante Costa! 

Once again, if you’re on the edge about buying the game/don’t have the time to play/don’t like da games/love Fallout 4 and enjoy shared experiences and DON’T MIND SPOILERS, come along for the ride! It’s gonna be silly. Afterward we’re gonna have a talk about the game itself, too. 

The cryochamber opens, and a ruggedly handsome man emerges. He is furious, and he is brokenhearted. He stumbles across the aisle to the chamber containing his wife. He restrains a cascade of manly tears as he grips the underside of the lid and, his considerable  strength finally unfettered by the cold of cryosleep, he tears the chamber cover off its hinges. 

He cradles his dead wife in his arms, the surface of her limp and delicate body filigreed in a pearlescent sheen of frost. He howls into the Vault’s empty spaces, and when his lungs are empty, he fills them to bellow again. He has lost too much. 

Gingerly, he slips his wife’s wedding ring off her frozen finger and pockets it. He lifts her back into the cradle of the cryochamber and replaces the door. He will lay her to rest, but today is not that day.

Today is a day for revenge. 

Alicante Costa stumbles through the empty Vault 111. Its occupants are dead, having succumbed to a mysterious system shutdown. The staff suffered a devastating mutiny long before the scarred man took Shaun Costa from his dead mother’s arms. Evidently, the staff had become entranced by the beauty of the Costa family and demanded that the scientists repent from their cruel trickery and allow the beautiful family to come party with them. The scientists, being bound by duty to science, denied this, and there was a bloodbath. 

Also, there was something about the staff not wanting to be cooped up in a metal chamber with no food and a bunch of corpsicles. Alicante respected that desire as well. 

After enduring a tutorial that forced Alicante to use a cowardly firearm on some honorable giant cockroaches, he made his way to the entrance of the vault. He found the vault door, and a skeleton attached to a Pip Boy - a wrist-mounted personal computer with an improbably wide array of applications. Alicante plugs the Pip-Boy into the vault panel and opens the door, climbing back into the elevator he used to descend into this charnel house with his wife and child. It seems like the bombs dropped only yesterday. 

It is here that the game asks me if I want to change Alicante Costa’s face, stats, or name. I decline immediately. He is perfect. 

The elevator ascends to the outside world as a calm female voice thanks me for choosing Vault-Tec. That’s fucked up.

Alicante shields his face from the sun as he emerges into a dead, brown, totally-not-peaceful-or-idyllic-Boston-autumn-anymore world. 

Haha, I lied.

Alicante tries to get his bearings, and grabs what he can from the threadbare military base around Vault 111’s entrance. 

There are a lot of skeletons around here, sure, but that was to be expected. Trees are obviously super dead But the soil seems radiation-free, and the trees are still here, even if they’re dead! Maybe things aren’t as bad as all that. 

It was then that the mole rats attacked. 

They were horrible, grey-pink beasts the size of dogs, eyeless and vicious. They tunneled through the earth to surround Alicante and lashed out at him with sharp, oversized teeth. Alicante learned much in his fights with the giant cockroaches, and he cast aside the cowardly 10mm pistol the tutorial had forced him to use. The mole rats charged, and he threw themselves into their ranks, fists raised.

He beat each of them to death with one punch each. That’s right, baby. Mr. Costa’s still got it. I knew that 8 Strength score was a good investment. 

He continued on, and found a mysterious lookout point with a mysterious marking on its side, mysteriously overlooking the entrance to Vault 111. 

How mysterious. 

I continued on, figuring that I’d explore for a while before I went back to my house like the quest wanted me to. Alicante Costa needed to know more about this new world, and the people in it. 

Well, he found out about the people pretty damn quick. He found two men camping under a power transformer with a dog at their side. Friendly fellow that he is, he approached them to say hello. 

“Hello, my friends!” Alicante called. It was at this distance that he could see the men were wearing ragged leathers and menacing sackcloth hoods. Had this been a mistake?

“Huh?” The men called, standing up from their shitty campfire. “Hey, shoot him!” 

Oh sweet sassy molassy this WAS a mistake. 

As soon as the men drew their guns, he sprang into action. Their dog ran toward him first, only to run skull-first into Alicante’s powerful fist. It died immediately. 

Alicante descended upon the man with the shotgun before he could finish leveling his weapon. He ended the bandit’s life in two devastating blows, and turned to face the man’s accomplice, who shot him twice in the chest. 

Too bad that just made Alicante Costa angry. He broke the man  in half before he could reload. 

Reinforcements arrived shortly after. They did not survive. 

Alicante switched out his alluring Vault-Tec jumpsuit for a leather jacket that more appropriately suited his rugged Latin looks, and then strapped on a few armor pieces he found on the bandits and a few more from a dead man at a campsite on the top of a nearby hill. He had become Alicante Costa, Road Puncher. 

Also pictured: Some dead jerk who had nice clothes. Had.

Costa’s first steps into this brave new world were fraught with peril, but he has overcome them using the might of his fists. Only time will tell if he will be able to use nonviolence/handsomeness to solve his problems


but with any luck, not everyone in this accursed land will be foolish enough to challenge his punches. 

Well, that was interesting! Full disclosure, I actually had a lot of trouble with the raider fight. Turns out that using a melee character with no armor against five dudes with guns is actually a little difficult! Turns out you just need to compartmentalize; and by compartmentalize, I mean rush the bastards before they can get help who will shoot you with their guns. 

An Unarmed run is so fun, you guys. 

I thought it was pretty interesting to see what Bethesda’s done with FO4’s armor system - that is, some clothing items can be upgraded with separate individual chest and limb armor pieces which can all have different effects. Combine this with the fact that armor “pieces” like this are some of the only customizable/upgradeable pieces of armor in the game and the issue that they all look kind of stupid (and that the full, uncustomizable and unmixable armors look totally boss). 

This is an... interesting design choice, because unless you want to look like you walked out of a store celling ceramic sports bras, there’s a 90% chance that all of the more powerful craftable armor is going to make you look ridiculous. As a result, your character is pretty hard to take seriously since they’re seen in third person VERY frequently, causing issues with immersion and satisfaction with character image in exchange for better numbers. 

It might be okay for some folks, and there are probably more than a few people who don’t mind how the individual armor pieces look, but I don’t tend to like it when games put such a heavy gameplay advantage on something that’s this incompatible with other cool gameplay elements or just looks godawful – and Fallout 4 is far from the only offender. The KotOR games and other similar RPGs definitely come to mind here. 

Well, if it comes right down to it, I’ll just make Alicante Costa fight naked. What’s the worst that could happen? 

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