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Talking The Conventions And Convention Landscape For 2021 On BJ Shea's Geek Nation On KISW FM
11/13/2020 - For his segment on BJ Sheas Geek Nation on KISW FM; The Rev and Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed look Expand
We don't need E3 anymore
7/29/2020 - Fancensus head of analytics Ryan Janes analyses the media impact for the summer's biggest Expand
Feature: Sony's Most Memorable E3 Moments
6/15/2020 - Stephen Tailby of PushSquare writes, "At this point in time, it looks as though Sony's Expand
Today's PS5 Reveal Falls Just Short of the Greatness of Its E3 2015 Presentation
6/13/2020 - Sony was ready, but it didn't quite hit the historic high note of E3 2015.
The Full Virtual Not-E3 Conference List
5/24/2020 - With E3 cancelled this year, a tonne of smaller virtual events have popped up to bring us the Expand
Coronavirus Could Very Well Have Saved E3
3/13/2020 - This feels like a turning point, and while coronavirus is taking centre stage, theres clearly a Expand
Limited Run Games Announces E3 Streaming Plans Will Continue as Planned
3/11/2020 - Limited Run Games writes: "#E3Cancelled, but the show must go on! Join us for #LRG3, our third Expand
E3 2020 Creative Director iam8bit resigns
3/6/2020 - iam8bit on Twitter: "Its with mixed emotions that iam8bit has decided to resign as Creative Expand
E3: Thriving or barely surviving?
1/27/2020 - A few days ago it was made public by Sony that they would indeed not be attending the E3 games Expand
Turns Out We Need E3 After All
9/1/2020 - Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The industry-wide trade shows absence was so incredibly Expand
What Are E3's Plans To Stay Relevant?
7/19/2020 - The slew of pandemic-induced game publisher streams showed us just how obsolete E3 has become, and Expand
PS 5 Reveal, Virtual SDCC, Game Conferences And More Skewedcast -
6/15/2020 - This week Gareth and Michael have the show duties while Justin was away and they discuss a Virtual Expand
E3 Must Return Next Year
6/11/2020 - E3, the worlds largest gaming convention, would have taken place this coming weekend. The event Expand
E3 Is Dead and Online Presentations Are the Future
5/14/2020 - Andrew says: "But in all honesty, if someone has already decided to take time out of their day to Expand
The Upload E3 VR Showcase Will Return This June
3/12/2020 - Jamie writes: "As youll likely know by now, this years event is canceled due to the ongoing Expand
Ubisoft Planning Digital Experience in Place of E3 2020 Cancellation
3/11/2020 - Ubisoft has announced via Twitter that it is looking into putting together a digital experience Expand
E3 Update on COVID-19
3/5/2020 - The health and safety of our attendees, exhibitors, partners, and staff is our top priority. While Expand
Why E3 Isn't E3 Anymore (and Probably Never Will Be)
1/22/2020 - Sony's ditching E3 2020. The ESA is talking about experiences and "activations." Will the show Expand
I really want E3 back
8/3/2020 - There are clear benefits to spreading out announcements during the summer, but there's more to it Expand
[OP-ED] Rest In Peace E3, Long Live Not-E3
6/20/2020 - Sean @ FG: E3s continued relevance was already in question but what replaced in in 2020 has proved Expand
Indies Still Need E3
6/13/2020 - With so much attention given to livestreams and Nintendo Direct-like presentations, many think E3 Expand
Is E3 Gone Forever?
6/10/2020 - Elliot Porter for SG: "This week was meant to be the biggest week of the gaming calendar in 2020. Expand
Back On Tour: Mario Kart Tours multiplayer, Reggie at GameStop, and more
3/19/2020 - Its been a wild few weeks. Random Nintendo catches up with everything from LEGO Super Mario to E3s Expand
Nintendo Reacts To E3 2020 Cancellation
3/11/2020 - Nintendo expresses concern for those impacted by COVID-19, and says large industry events may be Expand
Chances of E3 happening seem "pretty low", reliable source claims
3/10/2020 - Kotaku's Jason Schrier, who is a reliable source in the gaming industry claims that the chances of Expand
PAX Could Be Poised To Overtake E3
2/10/2020 - While E3 is slowly fading away, with security scandals and no Sony/Playstation for two years in a Expand

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