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The 10 Best LEGO Games of All Time
3 DAYS AGO - From LEGO Island to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, here are our picks for the best LEGO games.
IGN Wii U Articles
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Skyrim Anniversary Edition Shadow-Dropped Onto Switch eShop
3 DAYS AGO - See that mountain? You can play even more Skyrim on it.If you need a second way to get your Skyrim Expand
Vampire Survivors Is Once Again the Most-Played Steam Deck Game in September 2022
1 DAY AGO - For the second month in a row, Vampire Survivors has risen above the likes of Elden Ring, Expand
IGN Wii U Articles
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Pokemon Unveils Divergent Species Wiglett For Scarlet And Violet
3 DAYS AGO - First shown on Wiglett Wednesday, but now it's official.The newest Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet Expand
Terraria Update is a Big Surprise for the Community
4 DAYS AGO - Terraria just got a surprise update that adds new worlds, new items, and a whole load of quality Expand
IGN Wii U Articles
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Nintendo Downloads - September 29, 2022
6 DAYS AGO - This nearly ended up late because I haven't been wrecked this hard by Fiona since high Expand

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