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Nintendo World Report
[PlayStation 4] Golf Zero Review
6 DAYS AGO - Golf Zero from Colin Lane & Brad Erkkila and Ratalaika Games is an arcade golf platformer in Expand
[PlayStation 4] Takotan Review
9/16/2020 - Takotan from eastasiasoft and Joseph Calabro is an arcade shoot ’em up inspired by games Expand
[PS4] Through the Darkest of Times Review
9/14/2020 - Through the Darkest of Times from HandyGames is a game on PS4 that deals with a very serious Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Niche Review
9/9/2020 - Niche from Stray Fawn Studio is a colorful genetic survival sim out now on Nintendo Switch. Learn Expand
[PlayStation 4] Prehistoric Dude Review
9/8/2020 - Prehistoric Dude from lightUP and Ratalaika Games is a 2D Platformer in which you are following a Expand
[PlayStation 4] Metamorphosis Review
9/4/2020 - Metamorphosis from Polish studio Ovid Works and publisher ALL IN! GAMES is a first-person puzzle Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Keen: One Girl Army Review
9/2/2020 - Sliding action puzzle game Keen: One Girl Army is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Spiritfarer Review
8/31/2020 - Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus Games is a colorful and charming management game about the Expand
PS4BlogCast Episode 375
8/27/2020 - Apologies for the delayed episode, I ran into some software issues on the back end. On this Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Review
9/18/2020 - Peaky Blinders: Mastermind is a fun video game that acts as a prequel to the hit show’s first Expand
PS4BlogCast Episode 378
9/16/2020 - Borderlands 3 is getting a free next-gen upgrade, Kena: Bridge of Spirits got delayed to Q1 2021, Expand
[PlayStation 4] RogueCube Review
9/11/2020 - RogueCube from Bipolar Dawn and Ratalaika Games is a new roguelike twin-stick release on PS4. Expand
PS4BlogCast Episode 377
9/9/2020 - On this episode we cover The Witcher 3 getting a PS5 patch, the date for the next Ubisoft Foward, Expand
Nintendo's Disney Vault
9/8/2020 - On September 3rd, Nintendo dropped a Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct, detailing what Expand
Let's Discuss: Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Dicrect
9/4/2020 - On Thursday I'm on the verge of getting out of bed and after taking my Chromebook out of sleep Expand
PS4BlogCast Episode 376
9/2/2020 - We recap Gamescom and ONL in this episode. Enjoy! As always, we want to remind you that the Expand
A Look At What Online Gaming Has In Store For 2021
8/31/2020 - Gaming is slowly taking over the entertainment industry, with Netflix finding out that for 2019, Expand
[PS4/PS Vita] Norman’s Great Illusion Review
8/27/2020 - Norman’s Great Illusion from Sometimes You and Civil Savages is a small indie game with a Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] The Takeover Review
9/17/2020 - The Takeover is an old-school infused beat ’em up that is a blast to play on Nintendo Expand
[PlayStation 4] Zero Strain Review
9/15/2020 - Zero Strain from eastasiasoft is a fast-paced shooter in which you control spaceships known as Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Lost Wing Review
9/10/2020 - Lost Wing, developed by Boxfrog and published by 2Awesome Studios, is an autorun style arcade Expand
Nintendo Shadow Drops BOTW Sequel, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
9/9/2020 - Nintendo: Maaaaaan, it sucks that our Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection got leaked. But while Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Jenny LeClue – Detectivu Review
9/7/2020 - Jenny LeClue – Detectivu from Mografi is a charming, funny, and gorgeous adventure game that you Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Ary and the Secret of Seasons Review
9/3/2020 - Ary and the Secret of Seasons from Modus Games, eXiin, and Fishing Cactus is a new 3D action Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines Review
9/1/2020 - The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines from tinyDino Games and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild is a Expand
[Beyond PlayStation] Ageless Review
8/28/2020 - Ageless is a story-driven puzzle platformer in which you’ll get to manipulate the age of plants Expand

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