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Nintendo World Report
[PlayStation 4] C14 Dating Review
2 DAYS AGO - Otome visual novel C14 Dating from Winter Wolves Games and Ratalaika Games follows a girl named Expand
[PlayStation 4] Sumatra: Fate of Yandi Review
5 DAYS AGO - Sumatra: Fate of Yandi is a traditional point and click adventure by Cloak and Dagger Games and Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Under Leaves Review
4/7/2021 - Under Leaves from RedDeerGames and Circus Altos is a colorful and fun all-ages hidden objects game Expand
[PlayStation 4] The Five Covens Review
4/2/2021 - The Five Covens from Sony Interactive Entertainment and rBorn Games is a 3D puzzle platformer on Expand
[PlayStation 4] Bladed Fury Review
3/30/2021 - Bladed Fury from PM Studios and NEXT Studios is a great-looking, fast-paced 2D action game on Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review
3/25/2021 - Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning from THQ Nordic is a revamped take on the classic action RPG, now Expand
[PlayStation 4] Dreaming Sarah Review
3/22/2021 - Dreaming Sarah by Asteristic Game Studio and Ratalaika Games is a puzzle platformer about a young Expand
[PS4] Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! Review
3/17/2021 - Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! from eastasiasoft is a game that pays homage to Qix along with a Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Jiffy Review
3/12/2021 - Jiffy from Nitin and Lone Wolf Technology is a retro-styled action-platformer on Nintendo Switch. Expand
[Nintendo Switch] SUPER METBOY! Review
3 DAYS AGO - SUPER METBOY! from Flyhigh Works is a colorful and fun 2D arcade-style game for up to four Expand
[PlayStation 4] One Escape Review
4/9/2021 - One Escape from BUG-Studio and Ratalaika Games is a 2D jail escape puzzle game that is cross-buy Expand
[PlayStation 4] Space Otter Charlie Review
4/6/2021 - Space Otter Charlie from The Quantum Astrophysics Guild and Wayward Distractions is a 2D puzzle Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Lost Words: Beyond the Page Review
4/1/2021 - Lost Words: Beyond the Page from Modus Games and Sketchbook Gams is a narrative-driven adventure Expand
[PlayStation 4] UnderMine Review
3/29/2021 - UnderMine, from Thorium Entertainment is an amazing roguelike action RPG in which you’ll go Expand
[PS4 Double Review] Bite the Bullet Review
3/24/2021 - Bite the Bullet by Graffiti Games and Mega Cat Studios is a roguelite 2D action RPG where you are Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Wind Peaks Review
3/19/2021 - Wind Peaks from Actoon Studio is a great-looking and charming hidden object type of game on Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Rhythm Fighter Review
3/16/2021 - Rhythm Fighter from Coconut Island Games and Echo Games is a fun 2D roguelike action game in which Expand
[PlayStation 4] Blastful Review
3/11/2021 - Blastful from Playstige Interactive is a budget shoot ‘em up on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it Expand
[PlayStation 4] Tinker Racers Review
4 DAYS AGO - Tinker Racers from Rumbora Party Games and QuByte Interactive is a multiplayer racing party game. Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Narita Boy Review
4/8/2021 - Enter the game at your own peril as you try, as you become the hero this universe needs you to Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Spinny’s Journey Review
4/5/2021 - Spinny’s Journey from Thunder Sparrow is a top-down puzzle game with over 50 levels to complete on Expand
[PlayStation 4] Pinkman+ Review
3/31/2021 - Pinkman+ from Green Dinosaur Games and Ratalaika Games is a fast-paced action platformer that is Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Cathedral Review
3/26/2021 - Explore the mysterious cathedral and its surrounding areas as you try to figure out what is really Expand
[PS4] Retrace: Memories of Death Review
3/23/2021 - Retrace: Memories of Death from eastasiasoft is a Rated M for Mature visual novel on PS4. Learn Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Missile Dancer Review
3/18/2021 - Missile Dancer from DICO is a vertical shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch that pays homage to the Expand
[Nintendo Switch] Daylife in Japan Review
3/15/2021 - Daylife in Japan from QUByte Interactive is a fun and relaxing jigsaw puzzle game with a pixel Expand

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