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21 Brilliant Little Details in Resident Evil 3
3 HRS AGO - From easter eggs, references and awesome design touches, we've found 21 brilliant little details Expand
Fifth Platinum Games Announcement Coming In 2020
6 HRS AGO - The news follows Platinum Games' fourth announcement, which surfaced as an April fool's joke.
Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough: Every Ammo, Weapon, and Upgrade Location
9 HRS AGO - Don't miss out on hidden ammo, secrets, and weapon upgrades as you race through the streets of Expand
37 Essential Survival Tips for the Resident Evil 3 Remake
12 HRS AGO - Learn how to survive Nemesis' relentless assault and escape Raccoon City with these essential tips Expand
The Last of Us Part 2's New Screenshots Are Beautiful
18 HRS AGO - A set of screenshots hints at new scenes, locations, and characters, while also offering a new Expand
Persona 5 Gave Me Friends When I Had None
19 HRS AGO - TG: Persona 5 helped me find people to lean on when my real-life friends were no longer there.
25 Best Xbox Game Pass Games
20 HRS AGO - We sorted through the massive Xbox Game Pass library to determine the best of the best on Expand
Elder Scrolls Online's Greymoor Is More Than Just Skyrim Nostalgia
1 HR AGO - Vampires get a long-awaited overhaul in this return to the home of the Nords.
KickStarter Games That Became Landmark Successes - SwitchWatch
4 HRS AGO - It's hard to forget that some of the biggest indie franchises out today were once asking for Expand
A New Worms Game Is Coming in 2020
8 HRS AGO - SWTORStrategies: Weve got some exciting news for fans of retro games, and anyone who has fond Expand
A podcast with the director of Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 4
14 HRS AGO - A chat with Alex Hutchinson about his legendary career. He is the game designer of The Sims, Spore Expand
Final Fantasy - What Does The Title Mean?
19 HRS AGO - There is a popular misconception behind the meaning of the Final Fantasy name, so let's set the Expand
How to Beat Marauders in Doom Eternal
19 HRS AGO - Here's how you best those pesky Mauraders in Doom Eternal.
Iron Man VR Delayed Indefinitely
22 HRS AGO - Iron Man VR has also been delayed indefinitely as a result of the global COVID-19 crisis.
RE3 Guide: Use These Safe Lock Combinations to Get Items Early
1 HR AGO - Get valuable items in Resident Evil 3 without having to wait for codes with our guide to all lock Expand
Outer Wilds Wins Best Game at BAFTA Game Awards 2020
5 HRS AGO - Disco Elysium and Outer Wilds were the biggest winners, taking home three awards each.
PSN Deals: PlayStation Spring Sale Kicks Off With Over 300 PS4, PSVR, PS Vita, PS3 Discounts (UK/EU)
12 HRS AGO - PP: The PlayStation Spring Sale is officially in effect, and that means hundreds of new discounts Expand
Predator: Hunting Grounds Mostly Captures the Thrill of the Hunt
18 HRS AGO - Predator: Hunting Grounds makes smart use of its namesake, but could do a bit more as a shooter.
Shin Megami Tensei - What Does The Title Mean?
19 HRS AGO - The Megami Tensei name translates to "rebirth/reincarnation of the goddess", referring to the fact Expand
Rogue Legacy 2 Officially Announced
19 HRS AGO - The beloved roguelike Rogue Legacy is officially getting a sequel.

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