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Resident Evil: Resistance Review
1 DAY AGO - The Masterminds have most of the fun in this 4v1 multiplayer sideshow.
Persona 5 Royal Review
2 DAYS AGO - The past and future king of JRPGs steals our hearts again.
Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC Review
7 DAYS AGO - A solid, but safe, Lovecraftian addition to Borderlands 3's collection.
Call of Duty: Warzone Review
3/20/2020 - Call of Duty: Warzone's beta remains thoroughly enjoyable even in spite of the serious concessions Expand
Temtem Early Access Review
3/18/2020 - Temtem is a bold but incomplete massively-multiplayer competitor to Pokemon.
MLB The Show 20 Review
3/13/2020 - This isn't the biggest upgrade the series has ever seen but it's a solid one with a few good Expand
LEGO, Nintendo Bring Super Mario to Life in Brick-Building Game
3/13/2020 - LEGO Group and Nintendo partner to take legendary brick-building to a new level (via Expand
Murder by Numbers Review
3/11/2020 - A quality murder mystery blend of Phoenix Wright and a Picross puzzler.
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review
2 DAYS AGO - Totally Reliable Delivery Service delivers some silly fun in a package that’s a bit rough around Expand
Resident Evil 3 Review
4 DAYS AGO - Resident Evil 3 is just as good as its 2019 predecessor. More, please!
Exit the Gungeon Review
3/26/2020 - The urge to finish a run with every character, unlock all the NPCs, and try out each and every gun Expand
Sea of Thieves Review (2020)
3/19/2020 - Sea of Thieves presents an endless sea of exciting encounters and fun things to do.
‘Beyond Blue’ Will Make You Care About Earth’s Oceans
3/13/2020 - We actually know more about the surface of the moon and Mars than we do our very own oceans. Even Expand
Black Mesa Review
3/13/2020 - The best way to play 1998's classic Half-Life.
Review: ‘The Division 2: Warlords of New York’ Revitalizes the Series
3/11/2020 - The Division 2 started off great when it launched in March of last year. I even called it the only Expand
Panzer Dragoon: Remake Review
2 DAYS AGO - A cult classic on-rails shooter brought to Switch, flaws and all.
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Review
6 DAYS AGO - Despite some familiar issues, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4's improvements to combat and its large Expand
Control: The Foundation DLC Review
3/26/2020 - Control’s first expansion is as solid as a rock thanks to its focus on amplifying what worked Expand
Half-Life: Alyx Review
3/23/2020 - This is what can happen when a world-class developer goes all-in on the new frontier of technology.
My Hero One's Justice 2 Review
3/18/2020 - My Hero One's Justice 2 builds an impressive roster, but doesn't bring its A-game.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review
3/16/2020 - Joining Zelda and Mario on the Switch, New Horizons is an expanded, polished, next-generation Expand
Survive ‘Nioh 2’ With These 10 Helpful Tips
3/13/2020 - Today sees the release of the highly-anticipated Nioh 2. Team Ninja’s answer to Dark Souls is one Expand
E3 2020 Cancelled
3/11/2020 - Well my friends, E3 2020 has been cancelled. In case you missed the news or have been hiding under Expand

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