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Aussie Deals: The Best Deathloop Savings, 46% Off Mass Effect, and Franchise Sales!
9/14/2021 - Deathloop is indeed amazing and we've still got you covered for all the best deals on a launch day Expand
Saints Row Reboot: New Characters and Customization Explained
9/13/2021 - Volition has released further details about what fans can expect from the Saints Row reboot's Expand
Funcom Fully Acquires Conan the Barbarian Character, New Game In the Works
9/14/2021 - Norwegian game developer Funcom announce that it has acquired the rights to Conan the Barbarian, Expand
Fortnite’s Civil Rights Movement Inclusion Was Well-Intentioned But Messy
9/13/2021 - The conversation surrounding the problems and potential positives of Epic Games and TIME Studios Expand
Aussie Deals: Up to 85% Off AAA Triple & Double Packs, 21% Off Deathloop, and More!
9/13/2021 - Today is all about many games for the price of one. Whether you're into racing, shooting, Expand
People Don't Want to Hear About Grand Theft Auto 5 Anymore
9/10/2021 - Fans are no longer excited about hearing about Grand Theft Auto 5 even when it's coming to Expand
Epic v. Apple: Court Says Apple's 30% Sales Cut Is Unjustified
9/10/2021 - Even though a US Court today ruled that Apple was not a monopoly and did not violate antitrust Expand
Epic v. Apple: US Court Formally Punts on Trying to Define What a Video Game Is
9/10/2021 - With the ruling of the Epic v. Apple trial dropping today, we also got answers to some of the most Expand
Alan Wake Remastered Is Ditching the Original's Product Placement
9/14/2021 - With brand deals for the 2010 cult classic Alan Wake long since expired, the title's upcoming Expand
Carnage Is Joining Fortnite for Its Monster-Themed New Season
9/13/2021 - Carnage is joining Fortnite's Battle Pass as part of its brand new Chapter 2 Season 8, which Expand

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