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Fallout Quest: What the Heck Is Up With the Fat Man Raider

Fallout Quest: What the Heck Is Up With the Fat Man Raider

| by Video Games PRSS, Alex Pearl | Posted in PC, Gaming Blog

Hello again, readers! It’s time again for another look at the dystopian RPG sensation that is Fallout 4, and the dubiously designed Latino sensation hero that I made to play it. I am, of course, referring to Alicante Costa, the fist-slinging Casanova of the Commonwealth, and his relative impracticality in a game that uses guns pretty consistently. 

Does that stop him?

Hell no. 

Obviously, if you still haven’t the game yet, SPOILERS. If you already know what beautiful pulled pork this game’s slingin’ and want to sit down for a chat, be my guest. If you don’t know about video game pulled pork but don’t care about spoilers, come sit down too! We got a seat for ya, you silly gaggle of geese. 

Now, Preston Garvey, King of Task Delegation, decided that the Minutemen – which Alicante Costa is apparently now the General of – needed to get some more settlements into their weird protection racket. That’s fine, Alicante says. I can do your dirty work. But lend me my friend Codsworth, so that we may render the heavens humble with our gentlemanly might. 

Oh, and also let me go back home to grab a children’s book stashed under my abducted son’s crib. I need to read it so that I can get huger muscles. 

So, after a run-in with some drug dealers outside of a damsel in distress’s humble establishment (and the skull-split demise of said dealers after negotiations gone awry, which Codsworth did NOT like), and getting caught between a patrol of roid-raging Super Mutants:

Pictured above, only more of them and a good bit angrier

 And a pack of running zombie Feral Ghouls:

Pictured above, only outside and with a bunch of Super Mutants on the other side of the camera

Alicante then took a tab of Buffout, which is a drug that increases the user’s Strength and Endurance statistics – in other words, everything that Alicante Costa would need to tear some irradiated punks in half. Lo and behold, one red mist and one pissed off Codsworth later (okay man I love you but CUT ME SOME DAMN SLACK), the mutants were dealt with and Alicante was once again free to continue on his journey. 

Corvega is built at the center of an abandoned old-world Commonwealth town run by bandits and partially infested by Feral Ghouls. It is the former of these issues which bears a bit of discussion here. 

First, to ease you into it, here’s a picture of the Best Thing:

Why, yes, that IS a dead man who appears to have been slam dunked. He had a lot of explosives and ammo in his pocket, too, for some reason.I call him Slam Dunkley.

Everyone I know who played Fallout 4 kept talking about a Raider in Power Armor (our previously discussed metal underoos) with a missile launcher that throws nuclear bombs... Who they found at Level 4-5. Well, dang, I thought, I’m sure glad I didn’t run into him on my first playthrough! That would have sucked! 

Well, guess what? I ran into him on my second playthrough. And it didn’t suck any less. 

Raiders inhabit a series of apartment buildings in the town around the Corvega Assembly Plant. One of them is a degenerate with a mini-nuke launcher (referred to as a Fat Man) and a set of Power Armor. S/He can kill most characters in one shot and is takes a heck of a time to put down. 

Normally, it seems, the Fat Man Raider is on a scaffolding between two apartment buildings overlooking the street, and he/she takes devastating shots at anyone unfortunate enough to walk through. Prevailing strategy seems to be to pick him/her off by shooting him/her in the face from a distance, as the Power Armor does not include a helmet and leaves the monstrosity’s face inexplicably, laughably vulnerable. 

Too bad that you can’t shoot someone in the face with your face with a fist. 

Alicante charged up the left apartment building and did a pretty fair job of clearing it out – Raiders, being naught but measly men and cowards feeding off the bones of the Commonwealth’s defenseless public, are normally pretty easy to kill with one well-placed punch – but then immediately got pinned down when he hit the fourth floor and was faced with an indoor mushroom cloud. Okay, that’s doable. Just wait for the jerk to reload, maybe draw her friends in and dispatch them one by one. 

And then the Ghouls attacked. 

Just to be clear: These guys. A lot of them. So many. 

Just... charged up the staircase Alicante had just used, enraged by the all the noise that he wasn’t making with his non-guns. Well, okay, let’s backtrack and take care of these guys. Should be fine. Codsworth even sawed a few in half, the dependable fella. But, alas, there was still the matter of talking out the Fat Man. And, yes, it took me a while to get it right. And... yes... The first few times, I forgot to save after killing the ghouls, and got sent right back to the beginning. Alicante got smart, though. 

As it turns out, a Fat Man takes forever to reload, and Alicante could close the gap between the Raider and the corner Alicante was hiding behind get the dirty barstool relatively quickly. The foolish Raider then dared to draw a knife, engage Alicante Costa in knife-to-fists combat while she was wearing Power Armor, engaging the grudge match of the century... And then, yeah, the Ghouls attacked again. 


So, we both killed the Ghouls in an epic back-to-back fight on the scaffolding, awash in the light of the setting sun, about to reach an understanding about man’s inhumanity to man and the importance of cooperation in a crisis... But then the last Ghoul fell, and Fat Man Raider turned on Alicante once again.

God damn it, Fat Man Raider. 

So, Alicante beat her to a bloody pulp before she could stab him to death. 

Then he went on and wiped out every Raider in Corvega! Seriously, that entire factory was easier than this one little section. Just a few punches and a few grenades and those suckers were down. Nothing  Alicante collapsed and had a nice, long nap after that. 

Good thing Alicante got a whole 4 Experience Points for the whole ordeal. 

That concludes this week’s episode! I am seriously unsure about why Bethesda decided to put such an overpowered enemy in such a random but required spot at such a low level. I mean, these games are allowed to feed players challenges. That’s expected, at the very least – too many people say that games nowadays aren’t hard enough. That’s kind of why Dark Souls and its ilk caught on. 

But this guy... Man, this guy comes out of the blue. You’re walking down easy street, mowing down bandits, and then all of the sudden you hear a low whistle and whoomph, you’re standing in the middle of a mushroom cloud. The guy’s just random, he’s tough to take down, and there’s absolutely no fanfare surrounding him to alert you that there might be something big coming – and, worse than that, there isn’t much fanfare after you kill the guy, either. It’s like sticking a live hand grenade in your son’s birthday cake and not even telling him that his Man Day has arrived. 

In exchange for the relative lack of analysis this week, here is a silly video that my friend showed me. It’s wonderful. See you next week!

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