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Fallout Quest: Underwater

Fallout Quest: Underwater

| by Video Games PRSS, Alex Pearl | Posted in PC, Gaming Blog

Well hello, readers! Last time we heard from Alicante Costa in this very special playthrough of Fallout 4, he was wandering the Commonwealth Wasteland and enjoying the fruits of his labor - namely, reaping the complete lack of overhead costs that adventuring with only your fists provides. Sell everything you carry, spend all the money on medicine and food, that’s the Alicante Costa way! 

Of course, upon his return to his home in Sanctuary Hills with news of his recent triumphs, Minuteman Preston Garvey informed him that he had amassed even more work for the Fist of the Southwest. Frustrated with the never-ending workload which Garvey - the man who, let us remind you, carries a crank-loaded laser cannon - could not be bothered to do himself. 

Disenchanted with the prospect of cleaning up the wasteland Garvey’s way, Costa wandered for some time until he found a flooded rock quarry, watched over by a “completely legitimate” businessman. Figuring that he could help the man out, he dove into the quarry to fix its drainage pipes, only to discover - shock and horror! - that the water was poisoned with radiation! His swarthy body unable to fight off the liquid fallout, Alicante choked in the murky black and descended into its depths. 

What will happen to our hero? 

Let’s find out! 


Alicante Costa awoke on a bed of flowers, confused and lightly concussed. 

NAME THE FALLEN HUMAN, a voice demanded. 

Well, that’s easy! I am Alicante Costa! 

Oh. I guess that longer names are against the law down here. 

Okay, well, we can compromise. At least I get to keep my family name. To preserve my legacy in this strange underground world that asks a man his name but will not tolerate the full grace of his syllables. 

Good enough. 

Alicante leapt off the bed of flowers to see a friendly face! 

Man, just what the heck did radiation do to this place? 

Flowey explains that Alicante Costa had fallen into a new realm with a new and dangerous world, and that he was going to have to accept Flowey’s friendliness pellets into something called his SOUL to grow stronger. 


That’s interesting. I always thought my SOUL would look like a sweet moustache. Or that it would at least HAVE a sweet moustache.

“Now, now, my new friend, I have no need for this! I am a very muscular fighter, and have no need for your Friendly Drugs.” Besides, what would Codsworth think?

Miles away, even the thought of Friendliness Pellets fills Codsworth with disapproval.

Flowey pointed out that Alicante Costa was not, in fact, a muscular fighter any longer. He was some kind of... blind orange child? What kind of radiation was IN that rock quarry? Oh well, at least he still had his majestic haircut.

But there was something about the way that Flowey was acting. Something about how he insisted that he inject his... Friendliness Pellets... Into Costa’s heart that made him suspicious. He had just been tricked into falling into a flooded, irradiated rock quarry, after all. Plus, that whole apocalypse thing’ll put you on edge. 

This was where Flowey got a little weird. 

wait, what was that?

Yeah, no way, you sketchy-ass flower. Alicante Costa can tell something’s not right here. He’s not gonna stand there and take your Friend Bullets. 

But that was when Flowey got WEIRD.

Oh. Oh my. 

Well, you’re the guy who was trying to trick me into letting you shoot me. 


Die? You think this is how it ends, you cowardly flower? You floward?? I’ve watched my wife die in front of me! I saw my son taken from her lifeless arms! I survived a tortured perversion of the world I knew and loved! I’ve lived through war, and I’ve never started a fight I couldn’t finish! If this is where it ends, if you have the strength to extinguish my life where so many have proven wanting, then grant me the peace of final grim passage! 

I am ready for death, honorless plant! 

And then, well... This goat lady steps on the flower. 

She explains that her name is Toriel, and that Alicante Costa has fallen into something called the Ruins, which are no place for a child. Before Alicante can clarify that he is no bouncing baby boy but a hardened soldier and apocalypse survivor, Toriel takes him by the hand and leads him to a set of traps. Alicante is made somewhat uncomfortable by the unwelcome physical contact, but walks along with her for now. This may be more than partly owing to her remarkably fluffy appearance, but she seems harmless enough. 

She teaches Alicante about the puzzles in the Ruins, including how to solve a... discreet... Lever puzzle 


a stone-pushing puzzle, and... how to walk to the end of the room by himself. 

Alicante is beginning to think that Goat Mom’s intentions might not be all that sinister.

She also leads him to a room containing a little practice dummy, in an actual attempt to teach him how to defend himself now that he is a small orange child. Toriel instructs Alicante to talk to the dummy so that it might understand his motives and come to empathize with him in order for him to spare the dummy. Alicante has... a little trouble with the interface.

A dramatic representation in the form of Sketchy Comic follows:

Toriel seemed off-put by this, and asked Alicante if he wouldn’t prefer solving his problems by talking, rather than with violence. He would, wouldn’t he? ... Right?

Alicante was unused to the concept. He solved many problems with his wit and his charisma, but winning a fight by talking someone down was, to be frank, unprecedented. He’d have to give it a try. 

At one point, she is forced to run off, and requests that Alicante stay put. He obviously did not do so, and during his jaunt through the Ruins, received a call from Goat Mom regarding whether he preferred butterscotch or cinnamon. Well, he is a spicy Latin man, is he not? Cinnamon, of course! 

Well, would he turn butterscotch down if it happened to show up on his plate? Hypothetically, of course. 

Alicante tried to remember the last time he’d had desserts. How long had it been since he’d woken up in Vault 111? Weeks? Months? Hell yes, he would like some motherhugging butterscotch. 

Alicante proceeded through the Ruins and encountered a new foe. What was this? Some kind of... ghost? Well, might as well try talking to it. If he tried this in the Wasteland, he knew, he would be shot, robbed, disemboweled, raped, beheaded, and/or have his head put on display. What would happen here?

Aw, the ghost showed Alicante his new hat! It was very dapper. Alicante made a friend! 

He also fought a few hostile vegetables and slimes that needed to be beaten up a little bit before he could let them off the hook, but all in all Alicante was pretty blown away by this new concept of “Not Murder.” 

After a little bit of silly adventuring, Alicante finally found Goat Mom once more. She seemed a bit surprised that Alicante didn’t stay put like she asked, and he politely explained that he simply does not roll like that. Also, if he had stayed put, he wouldn’t have been able to nab a piece of candy from that sweetass bowl he found. 

Take only one? Another opportunity for Alicante Costa to prove his honor! One it is. 

Toriel leads Alicante inside and explains to Alicante that she made him a butterscotch-cinnamon pie! Was THAT what all the hubbub was about? Alicante wasn’t really expecting anyone to make him cake, even after the completely conspicuous hints, considering that everyone back in the Commonwealth wanted him to do everything for them and/or die. 

Toriel grabs Alicante by the hand and tells him that she has a room all made up for him. What? She just had a room prepared? That’s... Extremely suspicious. What’s your game, Goat Mom? 

Aw. Uh. Well, now I feel like a dick. 

Gaaawww. Yeah, a real dick. 

Huh. This is a pretty nice room, too. I mean, it’s a little suspicious that there’s a bin of different-sized shoes in the corner of the room... That kind of hints at a Wasteland-brand twist that might indicate that Goat Mom’s a cannibal or something...

Woah, hey... Is that a bed? Like a fully-furnished bed? Most of the beds back in the Wasteland were just shitty metal frames with a mattress on them! Okay, maybe Alicante can test exactly how comfortable this bed is. You know, to get better-acquainted with his surroundings. 

... Aw, crap, Alicante totally fell asleep. Goat Mom’s been here, too - she turned off the light while Alicante was asleep. And there’s something in the center of the room! Is that... 

Oh, Christ. It’s butterscotch-cinnamon pie. It’s a goddamn fresh slice of butterscotch-cinnamon pie, left there for whenever Alicante might want to eat it. Alicante saves it for later. 

Alicante walks down the hall before going back to Toriel, with the hopes of exploring just a little more. Ah-HA! Toriel’s room! Surely, Goat Mom must be hiding something in here! 

Open on a desk lies Toriel’s diary. Alicante will surely be able to discover her nefarious plan by reading it! Her cannibalism or sadism or slave trade will be exposed, and then her name will turn from green to red, and she’ll start saying mean stuff and attacking Alicante! She might even have a star next to her name, and when Alicante punches her down to 50% health, she’ll heal completely and get new powers! 


Alicante does not think that anyone with a shred of evil in their body could have written something so adorably shitty. 

Alicante wanders out to the living room, where Goat Mom is reading facts about snails. He hugs her, and apologizes. She doesn’t know about his suspicions, and is as such confused, but he hugs her nevertheless. She sits Alicante in her lap and reads him a few snail facts, and Alicante is happy. 

Goat Mom is happy too. 

But he has something that’s bothering him. When can he leave? He needs to return home, and to save his son. Is there any way to do that? 

Well, as nice as that would be, Alicante needs to be responsible and get his fatherly rescuevenge on. Can Toriel tell him how to do that? 

Nope. Toriel excuses herself and runs downstairs. 

Alicante catches up to her, where she reveals that she can’t let Alicante leave - if she does, he will die. Alicante insists that he won’t, as he is 100% Mexican-Grown Rude Dude.

“I have no idea what that means,” Goat Mom responds with a sigh. She continues down the purple hallway to destroy the only exit to the Ruins. 

Alicante, unable to let Toriel do this, follows her and confronts her. This basically results in the saddest declaration of “if it’s a fight you want, then it’s a fight you’ll get” response ever. Toriel basically says that if she beats Alicante, he has to stay and let her take care of him. If he really wants to go, if he wants to leave her safety and die, then he’ll have to kill her first. 

Alicante Costa remembers the bed. The warmth of his room. The butterscotch-cinnamon pie. The comfort and happinessof Toriel’s home. The snail facts. 

And he remembers Shaun, his son. He cannot give up now. Alicante launches himself at Toriel. 

Problem is, Alicante’s still an itty bitty child and Toriel seems to know some devastating form of magic. The fight ends up being pretty tough, as Toriel’s attacks are tough to dodge and her HP is very high. Then, Alicante recalls his fights with the dummy, and the vegetables, and the stylish ghost. Alicante can’t yet SPARE Goat Mom, but he can use the FLEE option. It’s basically like not attacking her at all. 

Goat Mom gets a little frustrated, and appears too guilty to attack Alicante Costa with her magic. Her attacks are easily dodged. Eventually, Toriel begins to respond. 

Oh, Goat Mom. You have given this humble man more than he could have ever considered asking for. 

Eventually, Goat Mom relents and embraces Alicante. She tells him he can come back whenever he likes. 

She only looks back once, and departs. The doors open to reveal a snowy treeline beyond. 

Well, thanks for reading more of my Fallout 4 playthrough, guys! One thing that I love about this game is how easy it is to find content that you feel like you’re not supposed to find. The game constantly rewards exploration, both by giving the player cool stuff and by ALWAYS having there be something cool for you to explore. You can follow the quests, or you can strike out wandering in a random direction, but you will always find something cool no matter what you do. 

And look at what we got here! This is one hell of a questline. Tons of new stuff to explore, new mechanics, and all-new characters! I thought that the radiation poisoning was gonna bring me to a death screen, but this is a much better option. I’m wondering where everything’s going to go from here, but for now I’m really happy with this new area of Fallout 4! Still a little surprised that they didn’t leave something like this for the expansion or something. 

Also, the music’s REALLY good. 

Tune in next time, friends! Let’s see where this goes! 

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