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Fallout Quest: Crawling Out Through the Fallout

Fallout Quest: Crawling Out Through the Fallout

| by Video Games PRSS, Alex Pearl | Posted in PC, Gaming Blog

Hello again, readers! Welcome back to VGPRSS, where I’m currently happy to give readers insight on the fun and fancy game that is Fallout 4. If you’re on the fence about buying, want to read some silly stories about experiences in the game, like the game but can’t afford the time or money, or any of those in any combination with any additional motivations, come and join us on the journey!

Currently, our protagonist is Alicante Costa, the handsome fistfighter pouring all of his Level-Up benefits into being very good with his hands (in both violent and nonviolent contexts, *winkawink*) 

Last time, our hero embarked on his adventure through the irradiated Boston wasteland to find his stolen son. He encountered some real rough-and-tumble types with strange guns made out of PVC pipe who were, notably, not immune to having their bones broken by an angry man’s bare hands. But what of our hero now? Where will his journeys take him? Let’s find out! 

Two notes: Obviously, SPOILER WARNING, GUYS. Second, this was around the time when I forgot to take screenshots because I was having too much fun. I may have to resort to the reviled Crappy iPad Drawings. You have been warned on both accounts!

It was only a short stroll down the hill where Alicante Costa had encountered the raiders for him to find his old neighborhood, and the cradle of his old life. How has it survived the apocalypse? he wonders, with a graceful swoosh of his hair. What’s changed??

Well, at least my favorite lamp’s still standing.

Alicante ventures further in to find his home, and is shocked to see a familiar sort-of-face – Codsworth! Our faithful robot butler from the old world! Oh goodness, Codsworth, so much has happened, I’ve been through so much pain, there-

Oh. He’s gone batshit crazy from loneliness. Well, Alicante Costa knows one way to solve this problem. 

“Oh, goodness, sir! I’m so glad that you made it home in time for dinner so that I, your spatially and temporally cognizant and in no way malfunctioning robot butler, could make you some food!”

“Codsworth, my friend, is something the matter? You sound distressed.”

“Oh, no sir! Completely fine! Nothing wrong at all! The stress of being unable to perform my primary functions in a ruined and dying world after losing the three most important people in the world to me certainly hasn’t caused me any stress or trauma!” 


“Codsworth, my friend, you have gone of the deep end. I regret resorting to this, but it is obviously for the best.”



 “Goodness gracious me, I... I have missed you, sir.” 

Good thing I grabbed those nerd glasses so I could do the classical “nerd removes glasses and becomes handsome” like in college movies. It’s like unclogging a garden hose, man. Just gotta spray people with that beauty to get them to calm down sometimes. 

Anyway, Alicante got through to Codsworth (though he did not seem to want to acknowledge that Mrs Costa got shot in the head, or that Little Costa was stolen, and instead decided that they were “lost,” like a puppy or a pair of keys) and Codsworth told Alicante that the best place to find someone was the still-populated Concord, just down the road.

Alicante finds a few grenades in a trash can on the way there, as well as a dog at a gas station that helps him fight more giant mole rats. Alicante and the dog become immediate bros.   

So Alicante, with his new dog friend in tow, heads to Concord. The town’s seen better days, as whatever buildings aren’t boarded up or entirely collapsed have been looted of all their valuables. But, what’s this? Gunshots on the other end of town? 

Alicante finds a band of raiders firing at a museum, where a dude with an awesome coat and a positively bitchin’ laser cannon is attempting to hold the line from the museum balcony. It was at this point that Alicante, now Level 4 and pouring all of his points into Punchmurder, decided to intervene on the poor man’s behalf. This meant, naturally, breaking the raider’s combat line by punching them into a fine red mist.

One raider, recovering from the chaos quicker than his confused (also dead) teammates, began to fire his weapon. It was at this point that the raider assailant leaned over for some reason, pulling against something that I could not see as Alicante charged toward him. 

It was Dogbro! Dogbro was nommin’ on this guy’s extremities! 

Alicante took a flying leap, wound up real good, and decked the guy so hard that shattered skull became a home for a family of Russian birds ALL THE WAY OVER IN FREAKING RUSSIA. 

The man on the balcony throws down one of his laser cannons, which, despite being a super stylin’ energy musket, is really not Alicante’s style. He asked Alicante and his awesome dog to help them inside the museum, which was also infested with morally questionable individuals. 

After the man on the balcony headed inside, Alicante politely hurled the musket into the nearest trash bin. He touched his finger to his nose, requesting to Dogbro that this be a secret that only the two of them share. Dogbro responded in kind.

The two of them turned to the great oaken doors of the museum, and began their first rescue in the Commonwealth Wasteland. 

Well, looks like we’ll need to wait for next week to see what’s up with these guys! But for now, there was one thing that I wanted to address with Fallout 4 that I know a lot of people were kind of meh about – the dialogue. 

(First, though, I want to say thank you for bearing with me and dealing with my terrible drawings)

Now, the old-new Fallout games (Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas) had full dialogue boxes with 5 or more dialogue options, on average. Each dialogue had a chance of being able to utilize one of your skills, provided that skill was high enough – for example, a high “Repair” skill in a conversation about a rampaging dildo-bot would reveal that your character could see that something was wrong with the robot’s hardware that was causing it to stab everyone with its wiggling dong-hands. Similarly, a high “Computer” skill would reveal that your character knew that dildo-bots do not normally smack people about the head with their wiggly wangfingers unless specifically asked, and that this model must be malfunctioning. 

There are no skills in Fallout 4, so moments like these are impossible. 

Instead, conversation is boiled down to 4 options, with one of them occasionally being accessible if your character has a high enough Charisma score. 

Now, I recognize that this is the result of streamlining in the same way that Bethesda simplified Skyrim – make things a little less numbers-based and a little more intuitive, that kind of deal. I actually kind of like it, and I’m ALWAYS a fan of cutting out the fat, so I can see why the skills had to go. But the Skill Conversation Dealies were fun and made your character more individual and competent-seeming, so I can’t help but feel like something was lost.

Tune in next time for a Night at the Museum! Thanks for reading!

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